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Ready set go.

FENNEK can be set up with just a few steps. Simply follow the illustrated instructions or look at the our manual video. FENNEK is ready for use in the shortest possible time.

World Record.

From within the case to the constructed grill in just seconds. We challenged you and you delivered.

Here is the official FENNEK construction time world leaderboard:

1. Place: Markus Thomas Blum 46 sec
2. Place: FENNEK Team 48 sec
3. Place: Martin DunkelmannGalileo 2:15 min

FENNEK Grill - > construction step 1 1
FENNEK Grill - > construction step 2 2
FENNEK Grill - > construction step 3 3
FENNEK Grill - > construction step 4 4
FENNEK Grill - > construction step 5 5
FENNEK Grill - > construction step 6 6
FENNEK Grill - > construction step 7 7
FENNEK Grill - > construction step 8 8

Construction in detail.

A picture says more than 1000 words. And a video consisting of many pictures, very fast in succession, says even more.


In order to safely use FENNEK we would like you to have a look into its manual.

Put on coals.

If FENNEK is assembled its time to the coals. Place a grill lighter under the coal grid and place the charcoal on the grilling grid. For the latter just find the right height, put your meat, vegetables, fish, fruit, insects or whatever you likes your needs on the grill and there you go. Why can’t everthing be so simple.

Put off coals.

You’re already fed up? Simply remove the coal from the grill and allow the material to cool briefly. Thanks to the high-quality stainless steel, this happens more quickly than perhaps thought. Divide parts back into the suitcase and you’re ready to go.

Caution: The material can become very hot during the grill process. Do not touch the grill during the grill operation. We just wanted to say that quickly.

FENNEK parts - compact charcoal grill

Get your FENNEK.

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